The First Supper Art Project


Two artists from the historically conflicted region of the Middle East- Hadieh Afshani from Iran and Shirley Siegal from Israel co-created The First Supper and brought it to New York City. Curated by Natalie Burlutskaya, this art project emphasizes women’s tremendous capacity in resolving conflict and building peace. 

The First Supper is a traveling art project with a centerpiece of a dining table with plates, cups, cutlery and tablecloth painted by the artists with portraits inspiring women. Afshani's paintings and stitch-work are of magnificent historic sites that were destroyed by ISIS or Taliban.

Dining Table symbolizes nourishment and connection. The artists depict the Middle Eastern woman's centrality as the ‘Matriarch’ who calls the family to the table, and through food and talk conflicts are resolved and peace is made. This depiction envisions women’s significant potency is fixing issues and building peace in the Middle East: a presence that is missing.