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Hadieh Afshani is an interdisciplinary representational artist based in New York City.

Born and raised in Iran, Hadieh moved to Australia and lived there for 10 years before finally moving to the United States.

Immigration and moving from one space to another is what Hadieh has been exploring in her works. The experience of immigration for Eastern women - or the "double displacement" as she calls it -  has been the main focus for Hadieh. By painting interiors and intimate spaces, Hadieh conveys sense of time, hope, and memory. In her works, Hadieh has been examining the spaces her body has occupied and focusing on the interiors she has lived in, at different parts of the world (Iran, Australia, and the U.S.). She emphasizes the liminal zones in those spaces: doorways, hallways, windows.

Hadieh Afshani is a finalist of numerous art competitions. Her painting “Motion of the Light” became the Winner of St George Art Awards 2014 in Sydney.

Hadieh's recent solo exhibition, "Self-Space Universe", took place at Redland Art Gallery, one of the best regional art galleries in Queensland, Australia.

Afshani did her undergraduate study in Fine Arts (Painting) in her home town, Tehran. She received her MFA in Queensland College of Arts - Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia, where she worked as a Fine Arts lecturer and tutor.

Along with being an artist and activist, Hadieh Afshani curates art shows for RE:ARTISTE International Art Organization and teaches art at New York schools and privately.


Hadieh Afshani- Mural drawing for Daughters of Troy Project